#RTZ Scavenger Hunt - Complete for a chance to be at the #Raptors game on Sunday!

Time for a final website crawl!

Your chance to be at the Nets vs. Raptors game this Sunday (6pm). This is the final #RTZ game of the season and we want to bring out as many fans as possible. For this challenge, each winner gets a SINGLE ticket to join us in some awesome lower bowl seats. We will be picking 6 winners for this challenge. If you want your friends to be there make sure you pass this along so they have a shot! Winners will be picked at random but to qualify you must complete the challenge.

How to enter: Once you have found all 5 answers, you must e-mail them to us at rtzfans@gmail.com. In your email make sure you include your twitter handle as well. Deadline to send in your answers is 5PM on Saturday. Winners will be contacted by email and twitter by 6PM. 

Question 1: How many different starting lineups have the Raptors used this season. How many teams have used more variations than the Raptors have?

Question 2: What are Eric Smith’s top 3 cities on the NBA map?

Question 3: In a recent Raptorspace segment, what kind of car did Jerryd Bayless say he drove in high school?

Question 4: How many times have the Raptors out-rebounded their opponents this month?

Question 5: How many players have suited up for the Toronto Raptors this season (including pre-season)? Bonus, can you name them all?

#Bucks @ #Raptors — Top 10 #RTZ Tweets

mijetta - Hey Guys please do not open the bakery tonight -we’re sick of turnovers lol #RTZ

MattyQuinlan - Banks gonna be empty after all these dimes the raps are dropping #rtz

outsidethenba - Bucks not quite playing like they’re fighting for their playoff lives, here. #rtz

jeaarr - My mom’s favourite, Barbosa, came on the court and she cheered like she was a tween who saw Bieber for the first time. LOL #rtz

moe_aburas - Man I <3 @JBay_5 good hard foul no easy ishh #rtz

Darkstar_Inc - Michael Redd working hard for his next 90million, 6 year contract by hitting his first bucket of the season. #rtz

Raptors_Fanatic - JOSE with the four point play #RTZ

Nat77 - Canadian tennis sensation Milos Raonic at the #raptors game. #rtzhttp://yfrog.com/h0alghwj

rSizzleX - Delfino and his eye liner is killing the raptors with his 3pters #rtz

Ryan_A79 - Is it a bad sign when your guard (DeMar) has more boards than your centre (Bargs)? #rtz

#RTZUK by @Nat77 - Fans stopped in to tell me about what brought them out to the games this weekend at the O2 arena in London, England.

Announcement: #RTZ Night @ the #Raptors game on Feb. 27th

All season, #RTZ has been connecting Raptors fans on Twitter along with bringing guests to home games. We are happy to announce that we will be holding the first ever social media night at the ACC. This is a chance to meet and mingle with other hardcore fans (some of whom you have probably spoken to on Twitter a time or two) while taking in a game. This is considered a premium game but we were able to secure a large section in the lower bowl for a great price. Don’t waste time as the first 30 fans will get to go courtside pre-game!

Ticket Link: Click here to purchase tickets

Password: RTZ

Pass this on to friends and family. There may be more items included in the experience and those will be announced as we get nearer to the event. 

Follow us on Twitter - @RTZfans and on Facebook - RTZ to keep up with all updates regarding the event

#RTZ: Looking back at 500 #Raptors games at the ACC

Yesterday the Raptors played their 500th game at the Air Canada Centre. Over that span, the team has a home record of 268-232. There have been some great memories over that time and we reached out to Raptor Nation to ask which ones stood out to fans. If you have a favorite memory to share, add it in the comments or tweet it to us @RTZfans

@JReyzor & @Ronny006 - #RTZ When the division title was revealed it was something to be proud of

@_NDRW When Mo Pete returned to Toronto and kissed the hardwood #RTZ

@RyanJHTurvey Fav memory at ACC was a playoff game against the Knicks. Had great seats to watch Vince in his prime. Great game. #RTZ

@adepape - Jose huge 3s in the 4th Game 5 2007 playoffs vs nets! Beginnings of the Jose chant #RTZ

@akatuddy - By far the greatest memory was Mo Pete making that crazy blindfolded shot!!! #rtz

@WalkerLucas Vince Carter’s first return, one of the best atmospheres in Toronto sports history #RTZ

@Nat77 -The entire playoff series vs. the Sixers. Vince and Allen Iverson. instant classic. #RTZ

@tootoo_1 - Donyell Marshalls 12 three pointers at the ACC against the 76ers. #rtz

@Slimsunbeam When Bayless showered the 4th quarter with 3s against portland :) #RTZ

@jakob_huber For me it would be the 1 pt win over Boston last Nov. Was lucky enough to be there to watch it. #rtz 

@N49DS - I was at both games where Bosh hit the half court shot during their Division Champ season, and Bosh becoming all-time point leader. #RTZ

@Ryan_A79 - Easy: Nets/Raps, Game 1, ‘06-‘07 Playoffs. 5000 people chanting unison, “Let’s Go Raptors! VC SUCKS!” #RTZ

#RTZ around the ACC — A photo collection of the atmosphere and fans at #Raptors game.

This collection was compiled w/ photos from @joelreilly @clickflickca @Nat77 @yyz_raps_fan @nidserz and @TheRounder. (You can find more high resolution photos here and here)


#RTZ: Game through a lens by @mrsharpphoto

Atlanta Hawks @ Toronto Raptors [28/11/2010]

Check out the complete album with high resolution images here

[#RTZ video] O-VER-PAID! Raptors fans get on Joe Johnson